Portraits in commision

If you are looking for an unique and original gift, you can let us make a portrait of your baby, child, family, friends or favorite pet.

Several members of the Art Club Portugal make portraits and landscapes in various technics: pastel, watercolour, acryl or oilpaint, and in different sizes.

What we need is a photo in colour with good lightning.

Sarah Bishop works with pastel and watercolour. She makes portraits of people and pets but can also provide a painting of your house, garden or favorite spot.

Anka van Dorp works with acryl and oilpaint.
She makes portraits of people but can also provide all kind of paintings in bigger sizes.

More information about the individual artists and their work you can find on this site on the Members Page.

You can contact the artist by sending a mail to the Art Club Portugal.

Anka van Dorp
Private collection

Portraits in commision

Kera Sarah Bishop
2009, 42x30cm, conte crayon
Private collection


Portrait of Lizette
Sarah Bishop
2010, watercolour


Portrait of a little boy
Anka van Dorp
2012, 50x40, acrylic/palette knife on canvas