The human figure is the focus of Laurel Lear. Including both representational and abstract techniques. She has found that the human form can be the best way to express the dreams that dwell deep inside of us.

The moment before
2008, 43x112cm, black walnut


Laurel Lear starded in 1968, making plaster molds for the bronze castings for Larry Griffis in Buffalo, New York. In return he provided classes and personalized instruction in sculpture and life drawing. Their collaboration gave Laurel the valuable experience of finishing sculptures, controlling the foundry and casting and welding processes for their placement in parks. Her desire to sculpt led her to the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore in 1976, where she had her first experiences carving wood and marble. She got her Bachelor Degree of Fine Art, sculpture major and studied art history.

Interrupted Run
97cm, maple


In 1987 Laurel achieved her Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and her Majors in Sculpture and Metal Design at Oregon State University. These studies and the love of fine art have taken her to many parts of the world. During these travels Laurel found new inspiration in the beautiful land and the loving people of Portugal. She now has a permanent home in the area of Castanheira de Pera.

Sister Mary
77cm, walnut