Paintings 2008

Jessica joined a weekly session in the summer of 2008 as a guest and became a member of the group.

'It was my first experience with oilpaint and it made me eager to learn more. Working with experienced artists makes me stretch to my limits, trying harder to get the hang of it.
I loved the As curvas tãm charmé-session.'

Tanja As curvas tãm charmé
2008, 30x30cm, oil on paper

Paintings 2008

'Experimenting at home learning the techniques with oilpaint and trying to find my own style. Having fun (and frustration) with it.'

Stilness (Ohm) / Calma (Ohm)
2008, 33x24cm, oil on paper
Private collection


Smelly fish / Os peixes malcheirosos
2008, 30x40cm, oil on paper
Private collection